What the type of the prada Saffiano package?

Replica Prada Want to go to Hong Kong before the want to buy the PRADA bag model search is good, but Qingdao is a PRADA exclusive, the purchase price is also not full, but check the Internet, in Taobao global share on the two, models were BN2324 and BL0822, but because they do not believe that global purchase of real degrees, want to go to the PRADA official website of the query, the results found in the PRADA official website not these two models of bag, you some friends, does this two model is really there? Why website searches less than, these two have to know the price? Thanks a million.

Prada Replica Prada Saffiano package models are there? Prada Saffiano package what type of style it?

Prada Bags Online Prada Saffiano package formerly known as Saffiano, because in the movie Mission Impossible 4 is the Saffiano Mona each occurrence are carried the name, the founder profile shape, the eye-catching triangular flag from this deep heart, although Saffiano originally belong to bias the business use of the use of package-type, but the unexpected popularity, but let the Saffiano Pack be asked highest degree of the package. Then the Prada Saffiano package models have which?

Prada Outlet On the Prada Saffiano package

Prada Online Prada Saffiano package is formerly known as Saffiano, the Saffiano belongs to the large-capacity rectangular handbag, its style is concise and easy, line Hale and hearty, the whole bag body in addition to the iconic triangle Iron logo outside again without the extra decorative details. Saffiano is Prada’s proud of the classic style, opening with metal Double zipper design, become the calm in the design of a little fun Embellishment.
In color, Saffiano and more to practical, classic color-based, such as black, white, Mei red and light sand color. Where the Black styles exposure rate highest, for example, Yang mi on several occasions at the airport coming back the trumpet of the Saffiano pack to appear, and her petite stature but also to bring the right-hand shoulder of the back are very convenient. Foreign female stars, Jessica Alba and Chloe Moretz, who in their daily activities when carrying, even the Mission Impossible 4 for the same are black.

Prada Online Store Prada Saffiano package models have which?

Prada Bags Outlet In fact, everyone has always been Word of the mouth of the Saffiano pack is a well-established model, refers Saffiano BN2274, this model represents the large size of a Saffiano package. The rest of the dimensions also include the BN1801 and BN1786, respectively, representative of the medium and the trumpet.

Prada Sale And in the same size, the different models represent the design on the difference. Of course, the minimalist style of the model it is also more lightweight and more practical.

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1. Prada Saffiano bag mini

Bag width of about 26 cm; Height of about 17 cm; Depth of about 10 cm; Tote diameter of about 11 cm; shoulder strap length of about 94 to 103 cm;

2. Prada Saffiano package trumpet

A width of about 29. 5 cm, Height of about 20 meters, a depth of about 13. 5 cm; shoulder strap length about 97 cm, Width about 1 cm(adjustable);

3. Prada Saffiano bag medium

Width about 37 cm; high about 26 cm; Depth of about 15 cm; hand length of about 36 cm, a height of about 12 cm;

4. Prada Saffiano bag Queen size

Width about 39 cm; Height of about 42 cm; Depth of about 18 cm; double handles height of about 13 cm.

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Prada bags In addition, Prada also launched with the hit color splicing advanced version of the Saffiano package, with Saffiano Lux. We see several stars with a Saffiano package model:
Prada Saffiano bag star models recommended a

One black shape appeared in the airport, Yang mi chose a similarly low-key black Saffiano bag, looks both compact and practical.
Prada Saffiano bag star models recommended two

Miranda Kerr Queen Saffiano packs quite eye-catching, like her tall girls with very stylish.

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Prada Saffiano bag star models recommended three

Small days after Rihanna get the Saffiano pack was just launched near new, unique taste, she chose a white trumpet style is not very refined?

prada Saffiano bag star models recommended four

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The kick-ass of the personality of the actress Chloe Moretz at a young age can navigate Saffiano Pack, medium size with up just right.
Saffiano package: PRADA Saffiano BN2274, because in the movie Mission Impossible 4 is a Saffiano Mona carry cover had a pistol, loaded with Diamonds, striking triangular mark many times the perks of appearing on the big screen, each drew a dark theater where a low exclaimed–PRADA! the So this package instant burst of red big sale!
PRADA Saffiano bag 2012 the most popular a bag, Mission Impossible Saffiano heroine of the same bag, Double ZIP with shoulder strap, practical at the same time, exquisite and matchless, like the start! With disc 4 in the impressive ads, Prada and ushered her brilliant year.

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Been to Galleria handbags praise, just her opponent too many, Feng Shui go so many years finally went back to her home.
PRADA Saffiano package, in addition, to consistently hit other than black, this season the Nude Pink is also very beautiful.

The package itself using the PRADA Italian top quality special leather production, shockproof, dustproof, anti-tear, wear, lined with the selection of the PRADA special lining, soft ,large capacity, comfortable thick shoulder straps design, imported Italian hardware accessories, do not fade, high-quality head layer cowhide, fine workmanship, traces full uniform, the car line neat, finishing clean, high-cost investment, Queen European professional technicians to build, semi-enclaves elegant style, the details are exquisite, PRADA timeless classic handbags, wild style and practicality by stylish women of all ages! By no means market on the General level comparable too!

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Structure: Saffiano leather tote bag
Double handle
Gold-plated accessories
Saffiano leather metal lettering triangle logo
Side snap opening and closing
Two zipper pulls fit of the outer bag
Two inner pockets, one is zippered retractable
Prada logo lining

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As is well known, the current luxury brand had a hard time, and in a host of big names, the worst non-Prada(Prada). Recently, Prada’s shares also fell since the market’s low. In order to save the decline, the group closed the part of the Chinese stores and launched discount promotions. However, these moves really can save the decadence of the Chinese market? Could save the brand?
Prada share price has been showing a downward trend

This year, Prada shares have been presenting a downward trend, while the recent price is down to 2011 since the market’s low. The deadline to 12 December 1 closing, the Prada to appear a minimum of 27. 1 Hong Kong dollars. This also once again confirms the 8 months when the big investment banks to the Prada Group is given a negative evaluation. On the contrary, LVMH, caring, Burberry(Burberry), Dior(Dior)but because of the holiday sales season coming, shares are slightly up. This also and Prada some of the strategies are inseparable from the relationship. In the luxury goods industry in order to against the trend and do tricks, Prada has been the conservative choice of price cuts and off the shop.

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“Black Friday” day, the Group’s Prada and Miu Miu(Miu Miu)two brands in Hong Kong for a minimum of fivefold promotions. It is understood, Prada the discounted products include leather and clothing, etc., which leather products 6% off promotional clothing is as low as 5% off, Miu Miu portion of the handbags and purses are to 5 fold promotions. But the stock market performance has reflected the Group’s price strategy did not work.
Prada why has been in the luxury big names in the pad bottom?

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In addition to the price reduction, since this year, Prada from 2014 of 49 home off to a 33 house, in order to reduce the cost to respond to China market weakness. But the excessive dependence on the Chinese market for Prada, the off also can not save such a decline is. 2015 7 December 31, the Prada group net proceeds year-on-year growth of 4% to 18. 23 billion euros. The Asia-Pacific market still weak, the presentation with the year a quarter of a similar negative trend. Prada fiscal first quarter Asia-Pacific region is only 0. 6%growth in the first half of the Asia-Pacific market is only a 5%increase. From each luxury group has announced fiscal second quarter performance point of view, LVMH, caring, Burberry has grown, only Prada to maintain the downward trend. From the Group announced the first half of 2015 earnings report, the group net profit is down 23. 0%to 1. 886 billion euros.

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